Russell Harrower

About Russell Harrower


Born 2nd of February 1988 - Russell William Harrower was given a life that too many would say is hard and tough.

Right out of the gates Russell Harrower was admitted to P.M.H in Perth WA, with a Hole in the heart. After the second operation which just happened to fall on Melbourne Cup Day 1988, and with his mother betting on 3 horses and saying if one of these don't come 1st, 2nd or 3rd he wont make it. Well it maybe was luck or someone looking over him because all 3 horses finshed in 1,2 and 3rd (1st Place Empire Rose, 2nd Place Natski, 3rd Place Na Botto).

However it would not be all good news for mum and dad. As as soon as I was able to leave hospital, I was placed in foster care and then made a ward of the state shortly after.

The first foster home that can remember fully and clearly, is one of the ones I wish I could forget.
The foster parents started hitting Colin, Kylie and myself from the moment the case worker left the house, and why? Being a kid, digging in the dirt, not wiping my feet etc.

After weeks of my brother, sister and myself being beaten to the point of cuts and bruses, I decided to go and hide with the dog that lived there. After awhile every time the foster parents tried to hit me, the dog would growl at them and grab me and take me to the his kennel. He would hide me at the back of his bed and would not let me leave until he got dinner. It was the first safe place I ever had. However not even the dog could safe me from being drowned and forced to lick any plates that I did not wash correct, now remember I am 6 year old.
After no one listening to my mum when she told them what was happening, my borther said we would run away and the night before we were to make our escape I went to feed "my" dog he came out of this bed and because I was giving it to him, he ate it all. What I did not know was the he was killed by the food which I feed him (the owners posioned his food.)

A number of weeks went by, when our neighbour listened to me, looked at the bruses and how scared I was to go back. In less than 15 minutes my brother, sister and myself where in the car heading to the police station. Where we would be taken out of the house and moved into another home and another.

More abuse happened and each time I was moved.

My love for animals

As you can most likely tell from what you have just read my saftey blanket were and still to this day animals, when I am having a bad day, i'll hug and hold Lucy, and when it's a good day we dance around the house.

But to truly understand why I started iPet you need to know what it's like to be locked in a cage and left their just hoping that someone will find you and bring you home.
For me that's easy moving houses makes you scared and worried about where your next meal or a safe place to sleep will come from.

Every time I walk into a shelter I can't help but cry; These are tears of sadness to see these cute loveable dogs and cats just waiting, some even hiding like my late Woody who I adopted from a shelter in Melbourne, we had 4 great years together and I spoiled him rotten. I would do that for any animal not just my own.

How do you hope that iPet will help families who are stressed and missing their loved pet?

Unlike posters or fliers, iPet is able to send a notification to all iPet members in your area (up to 20KM). This means that your pet will be front and center of anyone who lives close by. I believe that iPet is more like the milk carton with a picture of a lost child, just updated to 21st century.

Shelter; What support will you give them?

I personally believe that animal shelters work very hard to find the right pet for the right people, and we know that shelters say that they will check up on the adopted pet, however in many cases the number of pets that need a home is overwhelming and followups just don't happen.

With iPet being the starting tag (which the shelter would put on the pet and list in our adoption area) we are able to let the shelter stay in touch by a visual and new method. They are able to see pictures and videos of the pet as well as see if the owner has any other pets.

We are able to make check that the new owner is well suited to look after their new adopted loved one.

That's why iPet will donate an iPet Tag to every pet that is listed by a shelter for adoption. (Some T&C will come shortly)

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